Servant Rules


Servants are powerful familiars that each Master will be bonded with for the war. Servants take the form of Heroic Spirits from the past. The masters make a pact with these servants. Servants fight to the death for their Master, and in return the master provides servants with mana to sustain their form and power their abilities.

Classes: There are 7 classes of servant: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Assassin, Caster, Berserker, and Rider. Each class of servant has different strengths and weaknesses.

Mana Pool: Servants feed upon the masters mana, and thus have a mana pool. A servants mana pool is equal to its servant level. To recharge a servant’s mana pool, the master must give up spells or other magical abilities. By giving up a spell, you recharge your servant’s mana pool by ⅓ of a point per each spell level given up. For example, giving up a 9th level spell recharges 3 points of your servant’s mana pool.

Witches can also drain their hexes to power their servant’s abilities. By giving up one hex for the day, the witch can recharge 1.5 points in their servant’s mana pool. The witch is unable to do this if they have used that hex in the day. If the witch chooses to do this, they cannot use that hex again until they have taken a full 8 hours to rest.


Servants require little mana to perform basic tasks, and the average caster produces enough mana for a servant to keep its physical form constantly. So, if a servant chooses not to manifest they regain 1 point of their mana pool per day that they do not manifest.

<meta />Servants can be healed with normal healing spells. However, if they rest for 8 hours, they immediately regain full HP.

Noble Phantasms: A servant’s abilities are based on the legends that the hero left behind. As such, their abilities are larger than life and impossibly powerful for any human to pull off. The most powerful ability a servant has is a Noble Phantasm. A Noble Phantasm is the embodiment of the hero’s legend. The symbol of what that hero left behind.

A Noble Phantasm requires a large amount of energy. In most cases, servants only have one Noble Phantasm, but can have more based on their legend. To activate a Noble Phantasm’s true power, sufficient mana must be expended and the servant must speak the Noble Phantasm’s name. This can be very risky because crying out the name of a Noble Phantasm makes it much easier to identify the heroic spirit whose legend includes that Phantasm. Noble Phantasms fall into several classes.

Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasms are are Noble Phantasms best used in single combat. These can include weapons, armor, shields, or abilities related to dueling. Anti-Unit Noble Phantasms can cost anywhere from 1-5 points of mana, depending on the servant and strength of the Phantasm.

Anti-Army Noble Phantasm: These Noble Phantasms are of a much wider range than Anti-Unit Noble Phantasms: These abilities are best used against a large number of opponents. Anti-Army Noble Phantasms cost anywhere from 15-20 points of mana.

Fortress Noble Phantasm: An ability that creates a fortified structure to protect the servant and others. Fortress Noble Phantasms are strong enough to withstand any mundane attacks, and can grind duels to a halt if used correctly. Fortress Noble Phantasms cost 10-15 points of mana. <meta />

Barrier Noble Phantasm: Barrier Noble Phantasms are used to create barriers, usually bounded fields. Barrier Noble Phantasms are specifically barriers that are only used for defense, not for attack. Barrier Noble Phantasms cost 10-15 points of mana.

Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm: An ability specifically designed to destroy fortified structures and impenetrable defenses. Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasms are situational and very expensive, but can completely destroy another servant’s defenses if used correctly. Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasms cost anywhere from 20-25 mana points.

Anti-Populace Noble Phantasm: Anti-Populace Noble Phantasms are abilities that target people or civilizations. The difference in category from Anti-Army Noble Phantasms is due to the target range of the ability. Anti-Army Noble Phantasms cover a large area, but must be focused on targets within sight and normally requires targets to be organized. Anti-Populace Noble Phantasms have neither of these limitations. Anti-Populace Noble Phantasms cost anywhere from 30-40 mana points.

Anti-World Noble Phantasm: A Phantasm that targets the world itself. Only the most powerful phantasms can be classified as Anti-World. While their destructive capabilities can be equivalent to other lesser phantasms, an Anti-World Noble Phantasm combines the destructive output of the Anti-Fortress and the range of the Anti-Populace Noble phantasms. Anti-World Noble Phantasms cost 45-50 mana points.

Servant Rules

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