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This is a solo campaign. It takes place in Jeroa, but in an age that is equivalent to modern times. Gold is not used, credits are used. Credits are equivalent to gold in every way, no prices from Pathfinder canon are inflated or reduced. 

Rules for Character Creation: 

Must have the ability to cast arcane spells. I advise strongly against half casters, as having spells to cast is important (see Extra Spells and Modified Rules). 

Your character must either originate from one of the three mage families or be a rogue mage. Joining the Mages Association or the Rex Arcanum Militiae is not available for player characters. 

To determine stats, roll 4d6, drop the lowest die from each roll. Repeat 7 times, drop the lowest total score. If stats are below 68 total, re-roll. You will start at level 9.

The campaign's beginning will depend highly on your choice of Mage Family or Rogue Mage. 

Main Page

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